About Us

The New era of Integration

iTechnologies is proud of what its doing. All its projects are carefully handcrafted and refined by innovative people working behind it, they are enthusiastic about coding, designing, managing, developing and consulting. its not just a job but its a passion and vision to be fed during our lives.

Who We Are

Businessmen, Planners, Passionate and neatly chosen people. iTechnologies' vision is to beat the odds and build a successful business roadmap by illuminating what carries out iTechnologies' name essence, as one of the keenest IT solutions providers in our region. With the on hand will and perceivable enthusiasm,

iTechnologies will:
  • Set off and carry on projects providing high value to customers.
  • Apply the high standards to assure the desired outcomes.
  • Focus on the market needs to declare our purpose as a company based on the features demanded by the market.
  • Work smart, remain responsive to change, and have the courage to change course when needed.
  • Be inspired with moments of optimism and professionalism.

The vision of iTechnologies is to develop innovated solutions that solve business and public problems. Our philosophy is to move forward to design a future that is glorious by contributing in getting that done and fostering a culture of innovation and demonstrate continuous improvement in everything we do.

Our History